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30 Jun, 2019 04:39

Integration or indoctrination? Video of Danish schoolkids chanting Allahu Akbar triggers DEBATE

The methods of integrating Muslim refugee children into Denmark's society is at the center of a fierce debate, after a video of Danish pupils being trained to recite Islamic prayers prompted harsh criticism from conservatives.

Defenders of European identity quickly rushed to condemn ‘Koran indoctrination’ in schools after a two-minute video surfaced online showing a boy of African descent teaching his third-grade classmates his daily prayer ritual, all under the careful guidance of their teacher. The entire exercise ends with the class kneeling and chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is great).

The principal of Thyregod school in Vejle municipality defended the teaching methods used during the “getting to know each other” week, where pupils of different backgrounds had a chance to share their culture.

Looking at the legislation, it says that we must spread the knowledge of different religions, including also the practical understanding, so yes, I think it was a good way to teach children about religion.

The school's explanation, however, failed to quell critical voices defending European identity and values, with Stephen Morris, chairman of the English Democrats North West, having a heated dispute with the chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, Mohamed Shafiq, on RT.

“It is the school’s fault in trying to teach people about different religions. It is one thing teaching them what goes on but getting them to actively pray, that is the violation of their European rights, their human rights. It should not be done,” Morris said.

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“I think the reaction has been way over the top,” argued Shafiq. “And it is from the usual suspects – people who latch on to anything negative and anyway they can attack the Islamic faith or the Muslim community.”

Arguing that learning about different faiths is a must in a multicultural society, the proponent of the Danish classroom exercise explained that such methods form “cohesive societies.”

In a multi-faced society, should we learn about each other’s faith so we can have cohesive relationship relationships and cohesive societies? I think most people would say, ‘Yes.’

Morris, however, was not convinced: “It’s one thing to teach them and to show them, but actually getting them to do it, that is a completely different thing.”

It is the same as someone expects a Muslim to take the Catholic rituals, go to a church.

“What they should have been doing is teaching the peaceful side of Islam. Yes, there is a peaceful side of Islam. But at the moment, there is the extremist part that is taking over,” Morris claimed.

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