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Iran’s Khamenei slams US’ ‘dastardly’ Middle East peace plan as ‘betrayal of Islamic world’

Iran’s Khamenei slams US’ ‘dastardly’ Middle East peace plan as ‘betrayal of Islamic world’
While Trump has called the yet-unveiled Israel-Palestine peace plan by the US the “deal of the century,” Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei dubbed it a “betrayal” and urged Gulf nations not to back it.

Iran’s Supreme Leader made his plea ahead of a conference in Bahrain later this month. There, Washington plans to unveil some of the details of Trump senior advisor Jared Kushner’s long touted Israel-Palestine peace proposal. The conference will be attended by representatives from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain.

The aim of this conference is to realize America’s traitorous, dastardly plan on Palestine, which they have named the ‘deal of the century’,” Khamenei said in his address during the Islamic holiday Eid al-Fitr. Warning Iran’s Gulf rivals not to support the “dangerous” proposal, he declared that this ‘deal of the century’ will never take root, and described it as “a great betrayal of the Islamic world.

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While the US has kept the specifics of the plan under-wraps, all available evidence indicates that the hype over the deal is just that. On top of the EU’s skepticism and Palestine’s outright rejection of the plan, a leaked tape recently revealed that even Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has serious doubts about how it will be received by a broader audience.

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