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Twitter explodes with JCB memes as Indians share appreciation for viral video of digger

Twitter explodes with JCB memes as Indians share appreciation for viral video of digger
People in India are going wild for JCBs, sharing thousands of memes of the diggers that have trended across the country. The inexplicable trend has even ensnared a famous actress and prompted a response from the machinery company.

The craze started after videos of JCBs doing what they do best, digging rubble, went viral on social media quickly racking up millions of views. It then inspired a wave of funny memes and jokes about people’s love for watching JCBs digging as the hashtag #JCBKiKhudayi trended on Twitter.

Bollywood star Sunny Leone even joined in the fun, posting a photo of her standing on top of a JCB. “Career Change!?LOL” she wrote.

Many commenters joked that ‘jobless’ people with nothing better to do were spending their time watching JCB videos and giving them millions of views.

Google even saw a spike in searches for JCB videos and people questioning why the memes were going viral, India.com reports.

JCB machines responded to the love for its diggers, tweeting, “We are truly humbled by the love shown for JCB in India today, with #JCBKiKhudai trending across the country!” It thanked its customers and fans for their “enthusiasm and support.”

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