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Louise Mensch gets Twitter-trounced after attacking presidential candidate for speaking with RT

Louise Mensch gets Twitter-trounced after attacking presidential candidate for speaking with RT
Twitter-famous conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch has been bombarded by snarky comments after she accused former US senator Mike Gravel of betraying his country. His treasonous crime? Agreeing to an interview with RT.

Gravel, who is currently running for president, shared a clip from his appearance on RT’s Going Underground on Twitter, noting that he was “honored” to come on the show and discuss the US-backed coup in Venezuela.

Mensch, who is British, apparently thought that the former Alaska senator’s performance was an affront to the crown – or something.

“Traitor,” Mensch tweeted in response to the video.

Known as one of the most widely-derided conspiracy theorists on Twitter, Mensch has amassed a huge following of diehard #Resisters who are still waiting patiently for her Russiagate prophesies to come to pass. Her greatest hits include the nonsensical prediction that Donald Trump would be impeached and replaced by Utah Senator Orrin Hatch (showing her deep, British understanding of US government), and panning the #MeToo movement as Russian propaganda. Mensch’s comment that she is “pro-life” and therefore “takes no pleasure” in reporting that former White House advisor Steve Bannon would be executed for his Russia-related crimes is considered by many to be a Twitter masterpiece.

As usual, her poignant insight was countered by a severe internet tongue-lashing.

“Louise I have evidence that Mike Gravel is a sorcerer. Follow back so I can DM,” one Twitter user joked, likely appealing to Mensch’s penchant for unsubstantiated “bombshells.”

Another comment inquired about the status of one of Mensch’s most memorable, treason-related jewels of punditry.

Others reminded Mensch about her much-publicized mental health problems, which according to her, resulted from taking “hard drugs.”

Even Gravel got in on the Mensch-bashing action (although his account is managed by a group of his supporters), replying with the short but sweet retort: “Louise Mensch, ‘journalist.’”

Dozens of other Twitter users pushed back at Mensch, describing her as an “imperialist,” a “xenophobe,” and a “psychotic former MP” (yes, incredibly, she once served in parliament).

With comments overwhelmingly negative, a senior adviser to Gravel’s presidential campaign weighed in on Mensch’s hot take:

“Nice ratio you got going here.”

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