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Bombs found near mosque in Sri Lanka amid fear of new attacks after Easter massacre – report

Bombs found near mosque in Sri Lanka amid fear of new attacks after Easter massacre – report
Three incendiary devices and 100 grams of ammonia were found buried near a mosque in Sri Lanka, local media report citing police as authorities warn of a new wave of terror two weeks after the attacks on Christian churches.

The ammo was discovered in the town of Welipenna – 70 kilometers south of Colombo – as police conducted a raid on Friday night, the local Daily Mirror paper reported. Authorities revealed the bombs were locally produced. A 42-year-old suspect is said to have been detained in connection with the findings.

In a separate operation, police seized 16 motherboards, 16 SIM cards and a range of other computer parts in a house in Mount Lavinia, a Sothern Colombo suburb. A 52-year old man was arrested during the raid.

Sri Lankan security services are currently on high alert as the threat of potential new terror attacks looms large two weeks after the Easter Sunday bombings that killed over 250 people. Earlier this week, authorities warned of “another wave of attacks,” possibly by people disguised as military.

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While the investigation is still underway, the Sri Lankan government has imposed a ban on face coverings worn in public which may help conceal a person’s identity. The prohibition makes no exceptions for religious attire such as burkas or veils, drawing criticism from Human Rights Watch as the “wrong response” to the tragedy.

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