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3 May, 2019 10:38

90 people in Pakistan, mostly kids, infected with HIV as doc suspected of doing it deliberately

90 people in Pakistan, mostly kids, infected with HIV as doc suspected of doing it deliberately

As many as 90 people including 67 children are now reportedly HIV-positive in the Pakistani town of Larkana. A local doctor, diagnosed with AIDS, is accused spreading the virus deliberately through an infected syringe.

The numbers were revealed by Dr Azra Pechuho, health minister of the Sindh province as she reported on the spread of the virus to local lawmakers. The official also alleged that the spike in HIV infections had probably been prompted by negligent conduct of the local doctor who used the same syringe for all his patients.

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Earlier this week, police detained Dr Muzaffar Ghangharo who treated most of the infected children at his private clinic. The ordered medical examination showed the doctor has AIDS. Ghangharo however claimed he was unaware of his condition. Investigators suspect him of deliberately contaminating patients through an infected syringe, according to local media.

Reports of a HIV outbreak in Larkana emerged as early as last week. Back then, 13 children aged between four months and eight years were thought to be infected but actual figures show the proportions of the incident are much more grave.

Around 20,000 new HIV-cases are emerging in Pakistan annually, which is the highest rate in the region according to the WHO.

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