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Serbia stable despite protests, Western media coverage biased – FM to RT

Serbia stable despite protests, Western media coverage biased – FM to RT
In spite of protests calling for the ouster of President Aleksandar Vucic that are likely backed by Western countries, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic tells RT’s SophieCo that his government remains strong and stable.

Dacic's claims come as Serbia appears to be at a political crossroads. Between rampant speculation that Belgrade might recognize its breakaway province of Kosovo and Vucic’s insistence on staying the course on EU membership, his government had found itself under criticism from all sides of the political spectrum.

The foreign minister dismisses those demonstrating in the street as only a small minority of the country. With the current government boasting the majority in the National Assembly, Dacic believes that elections and not protests will be the factor to decide Serbia’s political course.

“Power is gained or lost only in the elections,” he offered. There have been rumors of an early parliamentary election being called in June.

Dacic accused the opposition, which has held protest marches every weekend for months now, of getting support from powerful outside allies.

“When something like this happens in our region, the usual suspects are the western counties,” he said, adding that these outside influences “are not fans of governments that make decisions on their own.”

This is just one big television show, which means that a false picture is created and it seems as if there were some demonstrations that endanger the government. It is far from it, this is a Potemkin village.

Western media are projecting a deceptive image of the Serbian government's instability in order to bolster the opposition’s power grab, the foreign minister said.

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