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All the presidents’ umbrellas: How Trump & other world leaders struggle with bumbershoots (PHOTOS)

All the presidents’ umbrellas: How Trump & other world leaders struggle with bumbershoots (PHOTOS)
US President Donald Trump gave fresh fuel to critics and amused casual observers this week by showing an awkward technique with an umbrella when boarding Air Force One. But he is only one of many to struggle with the device.

Trump, who is known for his rocky relationship with umbrellas, on Friday demonstrated what could be called an improvement. He didn't go as far as folding it and carrying it inside, but at least this time he didn't just drop it on the ladder.

Whoever offered a helping hand is a mystery that is probably not worth digging into.

The incumbent US president has his own unique way of handling an umbrella. But other heads of states, including Trump's predecessors also had some peculiar encounters with the rain-warding accessory. And since there are often photo correspondents around, those memorable moments are now part of history. Here are some of them.

President Obama apparently couldn't decide if he needed one when he was receiving Turkey's Recep Erdogan in 2013. His guest however was given full coverage from his Marine assistant.

And when Barack and Michelle visited newly built houses in New Orleans in 2010, the US president found his umbrella in a bit of disagreement with the local architecture.

George W. Bush had to negotiate his umbrella on a few occasions. Like when a rainstorm coincided with his departure on Marine One in 2004.

On another occasion Dubya had literally too much on his hands. Barney, any decent person would have chosen you in this situation too, you little furry ball!

The 43rd US president had another disagreement with the wind during a visit to Moscow in 2005. Is Putin secretly mocking his guest behind blue eyes?

If so, Bush should feel avenged by the air spirits of Shanghai, which effectively devastated a visiting Putin's umbrella.

Some leader pics involving umbrellas look pretty ambiguous, like this one showing then-French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel meeting in 2007. No 'ooh-la-la' here, their countries are really good partners.

Dignitaries overwhelmingly prefer austere black umbrellas, but some manage to pull off a different color. Like Bill Clinton shown here hosting Pope John Paul II. Pope and white really go well together.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair once used this multicolored outrage of an umbrella on camera. Blair is the one on the left, walking with his Home Secretary David Blunkett, in case you don't remember him.

Arguably the most epic and controversial shot of a president and his umbrella comes from Russia with love. Yeah, everybody wrote how Putin was the only one on the field not to get soaked after the FIFA World Cup final last year.

But on another occasion he was the guy who didn't get an umbrella. The elements and protocol are ruthless masters.

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