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2 Apr, 2019 04:36

France launches terror probe after 2 bombs found in Corsica ahead of Macron’s visit

France launches terror probe after 2 bombs found in Corsica ahead of Macron’s visit

Two bombs have been discovered on Corsica in front of government buildings, just three days before the arrival of French President Emmanuel Macron to the mountainous Mediterranean island.

A substantial security operation unfolded in Bastia commune in the northeast part of the island on Monday after two homemade explosive devices were discovered in front of the treasury and the department of public finances offices.

The first charge was located by one of the treasury employees when he arrived at his workplace at around 8am. The bomb squad rushed to the scene to deal with the suspicious device, which reportedly contained about 100 grams of TNT, local news reports.

The second homemade explosive, consisting of a “can and a wick,” was found a few hours later outside of the public finances building. While the bomb disposal unit examined the device, authorities evacuated some 50 employees from the government office.

So far, no one has taken responsibility for the foiled attacks. An anti-terrorist section of the prosecutor’s office in Paris has taken over the investigation initially conducted by the local police force. The probe is looking into possible connections between Monday’s events and President Macron’s upcoming visit to the island, as well as two attacks last week which targeted and partially destroyed two villas.

“I firmly condemn this foiled attack,” budget minister Gerald Darmanin tweeted, calling on authorities to find and prosecute the authors of the “cowardly” acts.

France has witnessed dozens of acts of vandalism against government buildings in recent months as the government struggles to contain the nationwide Yellow Vest protests against economic injustice and Macron’s policies. The French leader, who proposed the idea of a ‘Great Debate’ to allow the Frenchmen to discuss their grievances with the government, is due to visit Corsica on Thursday for such a meeting.

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