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28 Mar, 2019 21:22

US calls airstrike on Yemeni hospital ‘awful’... then asks Saudis to investigate THEMSELVES

US calls airstrike on Yemeni hospital ‘awful’... then asks Saudis to investigate THEMSELVES

The “reports” about the deadly bombing of a Save the Children hospital in Yemen are “awful,” a State Department spokesperson said, urging the Saudi-led coalition to investigate the incident in a “transparent” fashion.

The attack on the hospital occurred earlier this week, leaving at least seven people, including children, dead and injuring eight more. Washington is aware of the “reports” on the matter, yet is still seeking to learn more about the incident.

“I saw those reports, they're awful. The United States takes them seriously and we're seeking more information,” the spokesman, Robert Palladino, told a media briefing on Thursday.

The official urged the Saudi-led coalition, which has waged war on Yemen for four years already, to investigate their own actions well and do it in a “transparent” manner.

“We understand that the Saudi-led coalition has referred the results of this targeting operation to the joint incidents assessment team for their review and their investigation,” Palladino said. “The United States urges a transparent investigation.”

The Saudi-led coalition has a long record of bombing funeral processions, busy marketplaces and school busses full of children in Yemen. After such incidents make the headlines, Riyadh promises a thorough investigation each time. They don’t appear to have resulted in anyone being punished or prevented the next case of ‘collateral damage’ from happening.

Also on rt.com 7, including 4 children, killed in early morning Yemen hospital bombing - NGO

It remained unclear if the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo raised the issue of the hospital bombing with the Saudis personally, as Palladino was not able to confirm or deny it. Earlier on Thursday, Pompeo met Saudi Deputy Defense Minister Khalid bin Salman, talking about “the US-Saudi partnership,” “countering Iranian regime,” and other issues.

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