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14 Mar, 2019 12:16

‘F**k this s**t’: Russkies hacked Instagram & Facebook? Lindsay Lohan is furious ... in Russian!

‘F**k this s**t’: Russkies hacked Instagram & Facebook? Lindsay Lohan is furious ... in Russian!

Lindsay Lohan is sure the big bad Russians hacked Facebook and Instagram, which were both down for a while beginning Wednesday. So what’s the best way to battle them? Curse in their native language, of course, under a tweet by RT.

“Not when russia hacks you. it is not funny kids. this is the real world (sic.),” the ‘Mean Girls’ actress wrote in a comment to a lighthearted gif posted by RT on Twitter during the worst outage Facebook has suffered in a decade.

Lohan followed up her bizarre tirade by commenting on another RT tweet on the social media outage. “F**k this s**t,” she wrote in Russian. 

She also tagged the Pope in one of her replies. Who knows, maybe he can make all the online problems go away?

On Wednesday, millions of users, predominantly located in the US and Europe, experienced problems accessing Facebook and its messaging apps. Instagram, also owned by Mark Zuckerberg’s company, fell victim to the outage too.

Lindsay Lohan, who has 7.5 million followers on Instagram, had previously complained about ‘hackers’ wrecking her life on social media.

Just last month, she claimed that someone broke into her Instagram account and posted derogatory comments about CBS and the contestants on the TV series ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. This happened coincidentally after Lohan’s mother was evicted from the show. It must have been the Russians.

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