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11 Mar, 2019 08:21

Marco Rubio blames Venezuelan power outages on explosion at imaginary ‘German Dam’

Marco Rubio blames Venezuelan power outages on explosion at imaginary ‘German Dam’

Sen. Marco Rubio was besieged by social media mockery after declaring that power outages in Caracas were caused by an explosion at a ‘German Dam’ – the name of journalist who reported on the blackouts.

The Florida lawmaker and devout Juan Guaido supporter took to his Twitter podium on Saturday to once again proselytize about the evils of Nicolas Maduro’s government. Commenting on the recent waves of blackouts in Venezuela, which Caracas has blamed on US-backed sabotage, Rubio shared some insightful Senate intelligence.

“Today another transformer explosion at the German Dam in Bolivar State caused another massive blackout. The result? Critically ill patients have died, the #Caracas metro remains out of service & few if any flights have arrived at or departed from Caracas in over 20 hours,” he tweeted.

There’s only one problem with Rubio’s otherwise watertight dam theory: There is no “German Dam” in Bolivar State or any other part of Venezuela. It seems that the senator confused the name of a journalist covering the power outages, German Dam, with an imaginary (but combustible) inanimate object.

Responding to Rubio’s tweet, Mr Dam informed the senator that he was a human and not a barrier constructed to hold back water that mysteriously blew up.

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“Senator @marcorubio, an important transformer exploded in Bolívar and that, in part, again collapsed the Venezuelan Electric System; however it was not in a dam, much less german. My name is German Dam, I am one of the journalists who published the information,” he wrote.

Rubio’s hot take on Venezuela’s power troubles received much respect and awe on social media.

“How is this still not deleted? You thought German Dam, a journalist, was an ACTUAL dam. You, a sitting US Senator from my state, literally spread fake news. You were corrected by the journalist, whose name is GERMAN DAM. Yet, here it is, still. Bottomless depths of ineptitude,” wrote former sportswriter Carter Gaddis.

“Kind of hard to take you seriously when you can’t understand basic concepts like the difference between inanimate objects and real people,” quipped an equally astounded netizen.

The tweet – which remains bravely undeleted – prompted some Floridians to apologize to the world for their oafish representative in the Senate.

“I had to stop following Rubio. The man is literally out of his mind. Apologies from Florida,” wrote Twitter user @anneinflorida.

“I would like to apologize on behalf of the State of Florida for Marco Rubio,” another Florida resident tweeted.

Rubio is something of a specialist when it comes to launching gaffes into the Twitterverse. He once hinted that CNN was in cahoots with the Kremlin, which, to Rubio’s credit, actually exists.

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