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28 Feb, 2019 16:50

Russian cargo ship CRASHES into road bridge in South Korea (VIDEO)

Russian cargo ship CRASHES into road bridge in South Korea (VIDEO)

A Russian cargo ship slowly but steadily crashed into a busy road bridge off the coast of Busan in South Korea. Local media reports that the vessel may have had a drunk captain at the helm.

Video footage of the crash shows the surreal moment the massive ship inches its way towards the bridge filled with motorists, who were completely unaware of the collision about to occur.

When the ship finally makes contact, parts of it are crushed under the bridge, which eventually stops the ship from continuing on its dangerous path.

There were no injuries reported in the collision, but both the 5,998-ton Seagrand ship and the lower level of the Gwangan Bridge were damaged by the impact.

 The bridge was left with a 1.5 x 2 meter hole, and other steel structures were scratched, News Joins reports. Portions of the lower bridge were closed as a precaution.

Yonhap News Agency reports that the Korea Coast Guard (KCG) said the captain had a blood alcohol content of 0.086 percent, way over the legal limit of 0.03 percent. It isn’t clear whether the captain was steering the ship at the time of the collision.

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Authorities said the ship also hit a cruise ship in the port about 40 minutes before the bridge collision. After the ship made contact with the bridge, it turned back and headed in the opposite direction.

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