Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor in the firing line on Twitter over anti-war comments

28 Feb, 2019 12:16 / Updated 4 years ago

As the tensions continue rising between India and Pakistan, activists and celebrities have called for calm, but one Bollywood star has incurred Twitter’s wrath with her post.

33-year-old actress Sonam Kapoor shared a post promoting the idea that Hindu and Islamic fundamentalists have a lot in common and that the ordinary citizens of both India and Pakistan should oppose any potential armed conflict between the two nations.

The original post was made by a satirical account called Humans of Hindutva which typically posts inflammatory, often trolling comments, directed at right wingers and nationalists in India. “Laughter, empathy, fun and friendship are not part of our culture. If you don't like it then go to Pakistan you sickular piece of liberal,” the page’s ‘about’ section reads.

Sonam Kapoor began trending on Twitter for a brief period in the immediate aftermath of her Instagram post, as citizens directed their ire at the star for her ill-judged repost.

Some criticized her repost as a plea for attention to garner more fame and boost her career while others called for a FIR, or a police investigation.

Others called for a boycott of her films or even (jokingly or otherwise) for surgical strikes against the young actress.

There were even conspiracy theories that such posts by Indian celebrities were paid for, or were plots perpetrated by Pakistan.

Both Indian and Pakistan celebrities and thought-leaders have shared pro- and anti-war sentiments since the recent flare-up in tensions of the disputed Kashmir region. The hashtag #SayNoToWar became a trending topic on Twitter Wednesday as citizens of both countries called for de-escalation.

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