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'The usual suspect’: EU’s Juncker answers phone call from wife during speech in Egypt (VIDEO)

'The usual suspect’: EU’s Juncker answers phone call from wife during speech in Egypt (VIDEO)
European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker gave everyone a laugh when he answered a phone call in the middle of a press conference from “the usual suspect,” his wife.

Apparently having not yet learned to put his phone on silent after his phone disrupted another press conference a few years ago, Juncker’s phone went off a total of three times at the EU-Arab League press conference in Egypt on Monday.

While Jean-Claude screened “Miss Merkel’s” call in 2017, he amused his audience in Egypt by answering his wife (albeit on her third try). After briefly responding and hanging up, he relayed to his audience that the call was from “the usual suspect,” i.e. his spouse, inciting raucous laughter. He then proceeded with his speech completely casually.

The first ever EU-Arab league conference was being held in Sharm El-Sheikh and aimed at strengthening the regions’ partnership on common challenges like terrorism and migration. The next summit is scheduled to take place in Brussels in 2022.

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Juncker has made headlines on more than one occasion for his odd actions during diplomatic events. The kooky commissioner drew fire after a European Council summit where he tussled women’s hair, threw papers on the floor and even blocked a camera with his hand like a paparazzi-hating celebrity.

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