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Crowd forces journalist to abandon report after she called Venezuela opposition a ‘minority’ (VIDEO)

Crowd forces journalist to abandon report after she called Venezuela opposition a ‘minority’ (VIDEO)
Supporters of the US-backed self-proclaimed ‘interim president’ of Venezuela defended freedom of speech so fiercely on Saturday that they booed and harassed a journalist who dared to claim the opposition represents a “minority.”

Protests and scuffles at Venezuelan border crossings took center stage in the news on Saturday as thousands rallied in Brazil and Colombia, in an attempt to force USAID cargo trucks into Venezuela. But views challenging the mainstream media narrative were not so welcome by the opposition, which is claiming to represent the values of democracy.

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A reporter working for Spanish Channel Five News (Telecincoes) was heckled after she allegedly said that supporters of US-led Juan Guaido represent a “minority.” Video footage of the incident shared by US-based journalist Anya Parampil showed the crowd getting extremely agitated, forcing the reporter to abandon her live coverage.

The same day, a camerawoman working for a media outlet affiliated with RT was injured at the Colombian-Venezuela border when three border guard deserters ran hijacked armored carriers through a crowd at the Colombian side of Simon Bolivar Bridge, injuring a number of people.

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