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9 Feb, 2019 07:12

'US revealed its villainy full-frontal by backing regime change in Venezuela' – Lee Camp

'US revealed its villainy full-frontal by backing regime change in Venezuela' – Lee Camp

Washington finally threw off its 'humanitarian' mask and showed its true colors by de facto admitting that it wants to get its hands on Venezuela's oil, says Lee Camp, as he breaks down the issue with RT reporter Dan Cohen.

“Our government has stopped trying to hide its intentions and is revealing its villainy full-frontal,” Camp said during the opening to his satirical show, Redacted Tonight.

“The robe is hanging now and there is nothing on underneath.”

Lee turned to award-winning documentarian Dan Cohen, who has been covering the coup for RT and the Grayzone Project since day one. US President Donald Trump's National Security Advisor John Bolton recently said that the nation had “a lot at stake” in Venezuela, citing oil and economic interests. That hardly comes as surprise, Cohen noted, considering that the US-backed, self-proclaimed ‘interim president’ Juan Guaido has broad ties with the exiled Venezuelan oil oligarchy, not just people in Washington.

Also on rt.com Juan Guaido will open up Venezuelan oil to foreign companies, his US envoy says

Meanwhile, at least some people have come to realize that their governments are not going to do anything for them, Camp noted, citing ongoing protests in France and Mexico. In France, however, the whole issue did not end well for the demonstrators.

The protesters came out to denounce police violence – only to be “promptly beaten and abused by the riot cops,” Camp said.

“Isn’t it awesome as the police inadvertently prove your point by attacking you?” Lee asked the audience, adding that the “irony is just… so thick that you choke on it.”

Noting some similarities with the Black Lives Matter and the Occupy movement in the US, the host pointed out that the authorities typically try to ignore the rallies at first. But when they grow in size, the police brutality “steps up a notch.”

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