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2 Feb, 2019 18:09

Remains of ancient warrior & erotic object found in Peruvian tomb (VIDEO)

Remains of ancient warrior & erotic object found in Peruvian tomb (VIDEO)

Three elite ancient Peruvian tombs stuffed with human remains, ceramic objects and copper offerings have been unearthed in Chiclayo. The incredible find, which includes erotic art, dates back to between 550 and 950 AD.

The human remains were unearthed in funerary chambers at an archaeological complex known as the ‘Huaca of El Pueblo de Ucupe’.


Two tombs held the remains of men who were both “surrounded by their offerings and wrapped in their emblems, attire of rank and command,” archaeologist and director of the Museum Royal Tombs of Sipán, Walter Alva, announced on Friday.

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One of the tombs had a skull on its roof, while the remains buried inside were missing a head. Alva suggested that the Mochica may have temporarily removed the skull for religious reasons.

A third tomb contained the remains of a woman and child.

Alva explained that the offerings found inside the tombs include “copper ornaments and also some vessels, and the easiest [among them] to identify represent a dignitary sitting on a throne, the realistic image of a snail and a sculptural vessel representing an erotic act.”


The exciting site was found by a team from Tumbas Reales de Sipan Museum and excavation work began on December 17, 2018.

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