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25 Jan, 2019 23:53

‘It's none of our business!’ Ron Paul denounces American ‘hypocrisy’ in backing Venezuelan coup

‘It's none of our business!’ Ron Paul denounces American ‘hypocrisy’ in backing Venezuelan coup

Supporting a coup in Venezuela in the name of promoting democracy is rather ironic, former Congressman Ron Paul told RT, pointing out the glaring hypocrisy of enforcing “American values” at gunpoint.

Where do we get the moral authority to be the decider?” the Ron Paul Institute founder asked. “I think it’s rather ironic for our government to say they want to take care of Venezuela... by having a coup and threatening them with military violence because they’re not democratic enough!

American intervention in Venezuela’s affairs is not only hypocritical, but “unwise, very dangerous, it will be costly, it’s against our rules, and if they pretend that we have to go in because we want to spread American values, those aren’t my values!” Paul exclaimed, pointing out that the US criticizes other countries for alleged ‘meddling’ but “when we do it, it’s right and proper and almost holy.

Warning that Maduro will not roll over and relinquish power without a fight – and that the other Western countries lining up behind self-appointed President Juan Guaidó are probably only doing so to avoid economic retaliation from Washington – Paul lamented the Trump administration’s inability to learn from history.

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Have a look at US foreign policy of the last 10 years!” Paul implored, begging the US to at least learn from the lessons of the ‘war on terror’.

There’s nothing like foreign occupation that unifies the people.

I’m sure there’s some harm done by Maduro and others,” Paul said, adding that he’s a harsh critic of Venezuela’s socialism, which “usually leads to impoverishment” – but it’s not “our job” to carry out “unnecessary interventions.”

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Venezuelan National Assembly leader Juan Guaidó swore himself in as the country’s ‘interim’ president on Wednesday and declared he would depose the “usurper” Nicolas Maduro, who just started his second term in office after winning elections last year. The Trump administration threw its support behind Guaidó immediately, promising financial help – and not ruling out military aid, should an excuse arise. Most US allies in Europe and South America followed suit, while Russia, China, and NATO member Turkey pledged their support for Maduro's government.

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