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24 Jan, 2019 03:12

Kim receives Trump’s letter, pleased with his ‘unusual determination’ to hold 2nd nuke summit

Kim receives Trump’s letter, pleased with his ‘unusual determination’ to hold 2nd nuke summit

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un “spoke highly” of US President Donald Trump, praising his determination to hold a second face-to-face meeting as the leaders prepare for further nuclear disarmament talks.

The two leaders agreed to hold a second summit after several meetings between US diplomats and a detachment of North Koreans led by Korean Workers Party vice chairman Kim Yong Chol, who personally delivered a letter from Trump to Kim when he returned to Pyongyang.

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Upon receiving the good personal letter sent by President Trump, the Supreme Leader expressed great satisfaction,” reported North Korean state outlet KCNA. 

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Trump announced last week that he would meet with Kim in late February, despite criticism from members of his own government over North Korea’s refusal to unilaterally disarm without the good-faith easing of harsh economic sanctions following the duo’s first meeting in June in Singapore. While all signs indicate Kim is open to further talks, his New Year address suggested his forbearance is limited, warning: “we could be left with no choice but to seek a new way if the US does not make good on its promises, misjudges our patience, while seeking to force things unilaterally and clinging to sanctions and pressure.

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Pyongyang may not have pulled the plug on its nuclear program, but they haven’t tested a missile since 2017, and they did dismantle one of their test sites following the Singapore summit. The country has also made strides in improving relations with South Korea, despite the continued presence of 30,000 US troops south of the border.

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