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14 Jan, 2019 22:32

Death threat to Polish PRESIDENT leads to arrest one day after mayor fatally stabbed ON STAGE

Death threat to Polish PRESIDENT leads to arrest one day after mayor fatally stabbed ON STAGE

Polish police officers have detained a man who made death threats against President Andrzej Duda. The incident took place just a day after the mayor of Gdansk was stabbed to death in a shocking public attack.

A 72-year-old resident of Warsaw was arrested on Monday after he’d called a local Family Assistance Center and uttered threats against the president, police said on Twitter.

“Adamowicz died and Andrzej Duda may die tomorrow,” he said, referring to the late mayor of Gdansk, who succumbed to his wounds in a hospital earlier the same day, after being stabbed on stage during a charity concert on Sunday.

The police then quickly established the phone caller’s whereabouts and seized the phone he used to make the call. The Public Prosecutor’s Office was informed about the incident. The identity of the detained man has not been revealed.

Poland has been shaken by the brazen attack on Mayor Pawel Adamowicz, who was attacked right on the stage in front of a crowd of people at the concert. The assailant, identified as Stefan W., a repeat offender released from prison just weeks ago, stabbed the man several times, inflicting heavy injuries. The attacker managed to bypass security and get to the stage using a fake press pass, police said.

Also on rt.com Polish mayor stabbed in shocking on-stage attack dies in hospital

The mayor was hospitalized in “very critical” condition, underwent emergency surgery but died the next day. Memorial events were held in Poland and beyond to pay final respects to the killed official.

In Gdansk, 16,000 joined a vigil in the historic part of the city. In Warsaw, people lit candles during a memorial march.

European politicians also expressed their regret over the mayor’s death. The European Parliament held a minute’s silence in his memory.