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4 Jan, 2019 16:28

Movie tropes mocked spectacularly as social media users highlight glaring inaccuracies

Movie tropes mocked spectacularly as social media users highlight glaring inaccuracies

A writer who can afford a massive New York apartment while writing one column a week and a whisky-swilling cop are just two of the movie depictions being called out on Twitter for being absolutely ridiculous.

It all started when Professor Rory Turnbull tweeted: “Hello, I’m a professor in a movie, I only reach the main point of my lecture right as class is ending. Then I yell at students about the reading / homework as they leave.” The tweet spread like wildfire, racking up more than 160,000 likes, and other people soon clamoured in to point out equally tired and inaccurate movie tropes.

While much of the mockery came from writers and those in the media industry, whose realities are miles from the laidback and secure lifestyle shown in movies, people from across all industries and cultures took aim at how they are depicted, with many mocking the stupidity shown by their fictional professional counterparts.

The man in his late 50s who is married to a 26-year-old, and the sassy gay best friend who we never see in a relationship were also singled out as ridiculous.

A number of people highlighted the stereotypical roles for people of color in movies, like the black friend who barely gets any lines, the brown IT guy who can hack anything, and the Arab ‘baddy’ who kills everyone before going home and being an oppressive husband and father.

Even the depiction of inanimate objects like newspapers, computers and usb sticks were slammed.

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