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4 Jan, 2019 14:44

2 women have miraculous escape after plywood smashes through car windshield (PHOTOS)

2 women have miraculous escape after plywood smashes through car windshield (PHOTOS)

Two women were lucky to escape with only minor injuries after a massive sheet of plywood sliced through their car’s windshield as they drove along a Canadian highway.

The freak accident took place during evening rush hour on Highway 410 in Brampton, in the Greater Toronto area, on Wednesday.

The CBC news outlet identified the motorist as Jaspreet Sran, who was traveling with her friend when disaster nearly struck.


According to Ontario Provincial Police, the plywood was not secured while being transported in the trailer of another vehicle. It became a lethal airborne projectile and cleaved right through Sran’s windshield.

“I started shivering,” Sran said, recounting the incident. “I realized, ‘Oh my God,’ this thing has happened.” The two women were taken to the hospital but suffered only minor cuts and bruises.

“Thanks to God, we are alive,” Sran added.


The driver did not stop at the scene and investigators are now working to track them down. Police said it’s not yet clear if they knew the timber sheet wood flew off their trailer at the time of the accident.

“When the call came in that there was a vehicle blocking a live lane that had a piece of wood that had gone through the windshield, you think the worst,” said Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of Ontario Provincial Police. “This could have been so much worse.”

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