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War between Russia & US would be disaster for humankind – Lavrov

War between Russia & US would be disaster for humankind – Lavrov
It's unlikely that anyone would deliberately push towards a Russia-US nuclear war, since such conflict can't be won, Russia's foreign minister said, adding that any mistake amid ongoing tensions could become “fatal.”

“I believe that everyone in the world realizes that an armed conflict between two leading nuclear powers, Russia and the United States, would have disastrous consequences for humankind,” Sergey Lavrov told Rossiya Segodnya in an interview, published on Monday.

There is no doubt that no one can win a nuclear war, and that such a war should never be unleashed.

Washington and its allies, however, are too “fixated on their own geopolitical ambitions,” the minister explained, and they are not ready to “adapt” to the changing situation on the global scene. The desire to maintain dominance pushes them towards seeking – and sowing – more and more conflicts.

War between Russia & US would be disaster for humankind – Lavrov

“This explains their striving to hamper these processes, no matter what, and their increased aggression in foreign affairs. Confrontation is being incited, and channels for dialogue are being frozen,” Lavrov said.

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Such conflict seeking can easily lead to a global disaster, which can unfold, if not on purpose, merely by accident. “A situation could arise where the price of a mistake or misunderstanding could prove fatal,” he warned.

Despite their different positions, Russia and Western states jointly bear tremendous responsibility for the future of the entire human race and for finding effective responses to the numerous challenges and threats of our time.

Russia, on its part sticks to a strictly defensive behavior, and is set to continue bolstering its defensive capabilities.

“Of course, we are taking necessary steps to protect national interests and strengthen the country’s defense capabilities.”

But the ongoing tensions would just “fade away” if the West would stick to the international law of the UN Charter, Lavrov stressed.

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