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19 Dec, 2018 03:25

Christmas catfight: Mothers spice-up their kids' nativity play with a brawl for a front row (VIDEO)

Christmas catfight: Mothers spice-up their kids' nativity play with a brawl for a front row (VIDEO)

The serene spirit of Christmas seems to have missed two mothers in Gela, Italy, who got into a fistfight while trying to snag the best seat to film their children's nativity play – even sending one girl dressed as an angel flying.

Police were called to an elementary school in the Albani Roccella district in Gela, Sicily after violence broke out before a school nativity play.

In 2018, if something was not filmed it might as well have not happened, which is why the parents of some of the performers started to argue over who would sit in the front row in order to get the best angle to film the show.

The heated argument quickly escalated into blows being thrown between the two agitated mothers who even ended up claiming an innocent victim in the scuffle – a young actress, complete with a white robe and angel wings, who was sent tumbling face down to the floor. The girl's mother quickly snatches her up and carries her away as the warring parties fight on.

The bout was filmed by onlookers, and the footage made headlines in Italian media.

The video also depicts the chaotic aftermath of the melee, with chairs scattered all across the room's floor.

Repubblica reported that the fight even continued outside when the husbands of the two women also started to trade punches.

The police had to intervene to quell the brawl, taking the two women and two men, who luckily only suffered bruises and scratches, to the police station.

The school's headmaster, Rosalba Marchisciana, has denounced the parents, saying that their act was "marginal" and does not represent the school.

"It was not a good example for the children," she said, adding that she is ready to testify in a civil court.

Meanwhile, the ruined play has been rescheduled for Thursday – hopefully with more seats to accommodate the Sicilian mothers' hot tempers.

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