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Stranded in space, Iron Man? Roscosmos is coming to rescue you!

Stranded in space, Iron Man? Roscosmos is coming to rescue you!
Fans seem concerned with the well-being of Tony Stark, who is shown stranded in space in the latest film trailer. Not to worry, Roscosmos said, pledging to try and rescue the invincible Iron Man during a spacewalk.

Oleg Kononenko and Sergey Prokopyev are to conduct an extravehicular activity (EVA) to inspect an apparent drill hole in the Soyuz spacecraft to make sure it is safe to use to return to Earth. And while doing this they may try to give a hand to Marvel character Tony Stark. According to the fresh trailer of Avengers: Endgame movie, the Iron Man is stranded somewhere in space with life support about to run out.

At least that’s what Roscosmos official account on VK.com, a popular Russian social network, said on Monday. The joke was in response to a desperate plea from a Russian page dealing with everything related to superhero comics. It posted the trailer and tagged Roscosmos, asking if they could do anything with Stark’s conundrum.


The Russian space agency said sure, “superheroes” Prokopyev and Kononenko can come to the rescue. “They will try and find the spaceship and save Tony with our secret devices. Just don’t tell anyone,” they responded.

Marvel dropping the trailer last week was a boon to fans of the cinematic universe, who have been eager for months to learn something about where the Avengers were going. The previous installment left it on an emotional low point, with supervillain Thanos (spoiler alert!) killing off half of all life in the universe, despite all attempts by the superheroes to stop him. Some of the most beloved Marvel characters went up in smoke right on screen.

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