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5 Dec, 2018 14:07

Russians everywhere! Iceland’s Miss Universe has her Siberian roots revealed

Russians everywhere! Iceland’s Miss Universe has her Siberian roots revealed

She’s representing Iceland in Miss Universe 2018, but it turns out the stunning Katrin Lea Elenudottir comes from Russia’s Siberia. The fair-skinned, blue-eyed beauty emigrated at young age but retains a fondness for her roots.

The titleholder of ‘Miss Universe 2018 – Iceland’ is due to compete against 94 of the world’s most striking beauties on December 17. But while she’ll be representing Reykjavik in contest for the international crown, she was in fact born in the Siberian city of Omsk.

Katrin lived in Siberia until the age of nine when her mother met a man of Icelandic origin and moved to the Nordic country. Both Katrin and her mother gained Icelandic citizenship, but Russia remains near and dear to their hearts as they often return to visit family and friends.

The Miss Universe website says that the contestant doesn’t just have the looks, but a passion and kindness to match them. She works as a caretaker in a nursing home for the elderly and volunteers to help teen immigrants with their school work and integration.

"I am an immigrant myself, and know from my own experience all the difficulties that newcomer face as they move to another country and try to get used to a different language and culture", she told fashion blog Lady Code in November.

Elenudottir seems naturally talented with languages as she is fluent in English, Russian and Icelandic but is also passionate about learning Danish, Latin, French, and even Latin. Other than learning different languages, the Russian-Icelandic’s hobbies include running long distances and going to the theatre.

And, in what will bring the angelic beauty closer to the general population, she admitted her favorite food is Italian, including lasagna, pizza and pasta, but most importantly, that she cannot live without carbs!

Elenudottir will be contesting for the international crown in less than two weeks, but said that for her holding the title of Miss Universe is not merely about the aesthetics but being a “modern woman who is aware of the issues in our society and has her personal opinions on them.”

She’s “therefore always following global news and constantly listening to powerful speeches from independent minded people and experts.”

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