Animal sex fans’ personal info exposed, as popular furry game is hacked

22 Nov, 2018 16:25 / Updated 11 months ago
Cyber crooks have hacked an x-rated video game, leaking the personal information of those who play High Tail Hall, a roleplaying game involving sexualised humanoid-animals, onto the web.

The animal-sex-simulating computer game is popular with ‘furries’ - a subculture interested in animals characters with sexualized human features. High Tail Hall includes characters like stripper cheetahs and a buxom barmaid zebra who serves drinks and sexual favors to her patrons.

Hack-monitoring website ‘Have I Been Pwned’ confirmed the August data breach, and also revealed that player’s personal information had been published on a popular hacker’s forum.

“In August 2018, the adult furry interactive game creator HTH Studios suffered a data breach impacting multiple repositories of customer data. HTH Studios is aware of the incident,” they posted on their website.

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Sensitive data leaked online included email addresses, physical addresses, names and order histories. In a statement, HTH Studios said that “both our internal security and web team security assures us that no financial data [was] compromised” and that “security, developers, legal council (sic) and law enforcement” have been contacted. HTH Studios added that the gamemaker overhauled their programs in October, and are now “using a much more advanced and stable security system.”

The data breach is the latest of attacks on adult websites. In October, eight porn sites and more than 1.2 million email addresses were compromised after hackers broke in.

One of the websites hacked in October, known as ‘Wife Lovers’, harks back to what could be considered the most well-known adult-website breach in internet history - the 2015 Ashley Madison hacking scandal.

The Ashley Madison website, which targeted people who were hoping to cheat on their spouses or partners, saw 25GB of company data leaked including the personal details of its users.

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