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30 Oct, 2018 16:46

Dashcam captures shocking road rage attack on cyclist (VIDEO)

Dashcam captures shocking road rage attack on cyclist (VIDEO)

Shocking dashcam footage shows an angry SUV driver intentionally sideswipe a cyclist in Melbourne, Australia, during an alarming road rage incident.

The video, shared by the Australian Cycle Alliance, shows the cyclist traveling in the bike lane on a Melbourne Street in November 2017 when a dark SUV appears to intentionally swerve to strike the cyclist.

After the cyclist is violently flung from his bike, the driver gets out of his vehicle and appears to verbally abuse the victim who is seen rubbing his shoulder. The alliance said they were sharing the footage now to raise awareness after the driver was charged with ‘Reckless Driving Causing Injury' and fined AUS$1000 (US$711).

"This video shows a grotesque attack on a cyclist, there is nothing that can justify this sort of act. This is no different from a coward punch, it's just as deadly. Nothing can justify it," said Alliance president Edward Hore who called the sideswipe “100 per cent deliberate.”

"Everyone has a right to make it home alive no matter what form of transport they use,” Hore added.

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Hore said the victim wants to remain anonymous and has been left traumatised from the incident. He also criticised what he said was a lenient punishment given to the driver, Michael Giarruso, 27.

"It's ridiculous. If I was to go out and threaten violence I would be put in prison. This is no different... It's absolutely no deterrent at all.”

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