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Pictionary diplomacy: Bibi's passion for presentations (VIDEO)

Pictionary diplomacy: Bibi's passion for presentations (VIDEO)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu has once displayed his passion for presentations, showcasing some funky flashcards at the United Nations to (yet again) drive home his fears of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

The Israeli leader simultaneously lambasted Iran for its alleged disregard for the nuclear deal and its regional aggression across various proxy wars, using his preferred weapon of choice - cardboard printouts. To ward off any negative feedback to said printouts, he also stated that any criticism or skepticism aimed at Israel is simply anti-Semitic.

Powerpoint to the max

Back in April, Bibi was widely panned for his Powerpoint Presentation skills during a media briefing at the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv, in which he opted for fonts and designs worthy of a fourth-grade class project.


At the time, Netanyahu was mocked online for dumbing-down his presentation for an alleged ‘audience of one’ - namely US President Donald Trump.


Cartoon bombs

Prior to this, Netanyahu deployed the now-infamous ‘Looney Tunes Bomb’ during a speech at the UN General Assembly in 2012. Bibi discussed figurative ‘red lines’ before carefully drawing a literal red line in bold marker across his cartoonish bomb diagram to belabor the point in as obtuse a fashion as possible.

It seems that, despite the online mockery, Bibi will not bow to the prevailing taste consensus and will instead continue to hammer home his open hostility towards Iran with his tried and trusted penchant for PowerPoint and Pictionary.

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