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Western Europe or US may try to invade Russia like Napoleon & Hitler did – filmmaker Kusturica to RT

There is a scenario where Russia may be invaded by Western Europe or the US, Serbian movie director Emir Kusturica told RT, pointing out that Napoleon and Adolf Hitler tried to do that once, but both failed.

“Western Europe or America will try to do what Napoleon tried,” the award winning film director suggested while speaking about relations between Moscow and the West. “Napoleon went to Russia with 600,000 soldiers and came back with 30,000. [Adolf] Hitler was [also] defeated,” he continued.

The renowned film director spoke to RT at the 'Bolshoy' Festival of Russian music in Drvengrad, Serbia. He believes that in five years there will be a Eurasian continent which would unify people and make their lives better, but only on one condition - if there are “no big wars.”

“The unification of the Eurasian continent economically – not necessarily politically – might happen in the end… It will be an unavoidable scenario,” he stressed. He added that the East and the West would be more unified and will be able to “produce goods” within Eurasia.

World is witnessing ‘destruction of Europe’

Kusturica believes that “the artificial world” which is created by the media and “the European elite” is in “the process of degrading itself.”

“We have Germany that is on the top of economic success but we have a migrant crisis that is imported from the outside,” he said, stressing that he considers himself to be a migrant “on a certain level” and doesn’t oppose migration as a phenomenon.

“The whole of Europe is divided,” he said, noting that asylum seekers are not heading to Saudi Arabia, “one of the richest counties in the world”, but to Germany.

“Are they [migrants] governed to destroy Europe and to exchange blood of Europe in order not to have nation states but to have regions in which religion and culture will be not important (sic)?” he wondered.

According to the Serbian filmmaker, the world is currently witnessing the “destruction of Europe”. He stresses that “elite politics” are “producing crisis” in the Middle East, “creating wars” and prompting a migrant influx right into Europe. Those who are doing this “degradation” merely “start wars and open a door of chaos,” Kusturica explains.

Europe is currently experiencing the worst refugee crisis since WWII. The number of asylum seekers in the EU reached 650,000 last year, according to statistical data from Eurostat. Applications mainly came from Syria, Nigeria and Afghanistan. Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Spain and the UK account for the majority of all first-time applicants in the union, the data shows.

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