DUI suspect cheats death after smashing into gas station (VIDEO)

DUI suspect cheats death after smashing into gas station (VIDEO)
A woman in Mississippi miraculously walked away from a horrific crash in which her vehicle plowed into an embankment before crashing into a petrol station forecourt.

The collision in Flowood was captured on CCTV at the Marathon Xtra Mile petrol station. Footage obtained by WLBT3 shows the car driving at speed suddenly skid and launch into the air via a roadside embankment.

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The car then veers away from the road, flying right into a brick column holding up the petrol station canopy and hitting one of the gas pumps.

Incredibly the collision did not start a fire and, even more incredibly, driver Shelby Lynne May could be seen walking away from the wreckage.

According to the Clarion Ledger, May has now been charged with driving under the influence. The 24-year-old was released on bail last Friday.

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