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‘Camp Earthworm’: Tour the labyrinthine Nazi bunker designed to hide Hitler’s troops (VIDEO)

Some 200 miles from Berlin, a network of underground tunnels designed to protect Adolf Hitler’s plan for a Third Reich, lays hidden in the Polish countryside.

Nicknamed the ‘Regenwurmlager,’ or Camp Earthworm, the fortification conceals an eerie set of subterranean buildings once used as training facilities for soldiers and as a storage lock-up for Nazi armaments.

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The elaborate chain of passageways was part of a defense system devised by the Nazi German government in the 1930s, located in a former Prussian-controlled area of Poland.

New footage of the reinforced concrete base reveals the lengths to which the Nazis went to maintain their war effort.

On the surface green gun pillboxes are the clearest sign that a base exists in the area. But signs found within the 100km-long network show that dedicated media and weapons rooms were also set up underground, out of reach of Allied bombs.

A secret information center and lounge also appears to have been built for members of Hitler’s forces. As enemy combatants closed in around the Nazi German troops, the fortress was abandoned and eventually discovered by Soviet soldiers as they marched to liberate Berlin.

While it’s rumored that the fortress still contains hidden traps designed to kill or maim unwanted intruders, today the tunnels are a popular tourist attraction.

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