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Brides, babushkas and ballistic missiles: Russia’s uniquely Russian election day (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

With more than 97,000 polling stations nationwide and abroad, Russia’s election day was destined for some unpredictable ballot-casting. From dancing chickens to dressed-up newlyweds, here are some of today’s unique Russian voters.

Family of 30 gets bussed to the polls

A family in the Volgograd Region had to be bussed to their local polling station. The Potapovs – 30 in all – voted together and in high spirits, according to local media reports.

“Today is an important day for the whole country. We choose not just the president, but the leader of the nation, who must be strong and confident in his decisions, be able to adequately respond to external threats and, of course, take care of his people,” said Valentina Potapova, the family matriarch. The mother of nine children, she also has 16 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Honeymoon in the polling booth?

Eighteen pairs of newlyweds in the Republic of Ingushetia, in the North Caucasus region, found time to choose a president after giving their vows. Local authorities apparently presented the new couples with household appliances, according to local media reports.

In Tatarstan, two newlyweds fulfilled their civic duty immediately after their wedding ceremony – with the bride arriving at the polling station in a flowing white bridal gown.

Famous Frenchie votes

French film star Gerard Depardieu cast his ballot at the Russian embassy in Paris. Depardieu, a friend of Russia, was granted citizenship in 2013.

Get out the vote: Chicken style

For those who were feeling a bit sluggish on Sunday morning, one lucky town had a mini pep rally in front of their polling station. A large dancing chicken greeted voters – and, of course, welcomed selfies.

A bit more ballistic approach

One man showed up to a polling station in the Leningrad region dressed up as the next-generation strategic Sarmat missile.

Russia introduces exotic beach voting

Some 3,500 Russian beachgoers cast their ballot in sunny Thailand. Russian tourists were able to vote in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, as well as in Samui and Hua Hin.

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