Exterminator shares nightmarish footage of massive hornet’s nest (VIDEO)

Exterminator shares nightmarish footage of massive hornet’s nest (VIDEO)
Running low on nightmare material? Ever wondered what it would look like to be attacked by thousands of swarming wasps? Look no further.

The largest of eusocial wasps, hornets can reach up to 5.5cm in length and, unlike bees, can sting multiple times.

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It is worth bearing that last fact in mind when watching this man, with what can only be described as heroic levels of bravery, take on what he calls “the granddaddy of hornets’ nests.” What that amounts to is a shed filled with a potentially deadly swarm of the creatures.

Wearing a go-pro on his chest to give viewers that truly immersive experience, exterminator Jude Verret shared the 45-minute long removal process in Patterson, Louisiana over four videos posted to his YouTube (turned fan) page, ‘Stinger Creations’.

Didn’t get stung at all,” wrote Verret as he lay down beside the now-dismantled nest  – which was as big as a full-size refrigerator  – putting the seal on his new title as King of wasp-infested land. We are not worthy.