Lenin celebrates #280characters: 'Power to Soviets! Land to people! Characters to proletariat!'

Lenin celebrates #280characters: 'Power to Soviets! Land to people! Characters to proletariat!'
The uprising that brought the Bolsheviks victory over the provisional government seems to have coincided with Twitter rolling out the extension of posts to 280 characters. Vladimir Lenin shares his joy on our #1917LIVE project.

Twitter has been an indispensable tool for the Bolsheviks to spread their proletarian message on the fictional re-enactment project, so it comes as no surprise that – as the Russian Revolution draws to a close – those 280 characters are going to come in handy.

The company announced on Tuesday that the 280-character expansion (from the previous 140-character limit) is here to stay after a successful trial run. Lenin is ecstatic with joy… given that – were the Bolshevik leader alive today – some especially talkative current world leaders would have nothing on him in terms of his sheer volume of tweets.

Other historical characters on the RT project also chimed in.

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But not everyone is overjoyed with the change. Understandably so…

We are now entering the final stretch of our #1917LIVE project. Alexander Kerensky’s government has been overthrown, and only some of his loyal Junkers remain a viable force that could still pose a threat to the Bolshevist Red Guards. Stay with us to find out what happens next on the battlefield of Moscow – Russia’s future capital.