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8 Oct, 2017 17:49

Fascist salutes seen at pro-Spanish unity demos in Madrid, Barcelona (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Fascist salutes seen at pro-Spanish unity demos in Madrid, Barcelona (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Several protesters could be spotted giving fascist salutes in Barcelona during a rally against Catalan independence on Sunday. The same scenes were captured on camera in Madrid where thousands of people gathered for the same cause on Saturday.

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Saturday’s rally in Madrid saw thousands of people taking to the streets under the slogan “For the unity of Spain!” Some protesters performed Franco-era fascist salutes, as captured on the photographs. With Spanish flags hovering above, a number of men and women could be seen holding their right arms aloft in far-right salutes. Banners held by the protesters suggest the group belonged to the far-right Falangist party, which ruled Spain under General Francisco Franco.

Hundreds of thousands of pro-Spanish unity protesters also took to the streets of Barcelona on Sunday. A group of unionists was filmed eagerly demonstrating the notorious Franco-era fascist salute to the cameras. The people waved Spanish flags and shouted at a group of Catalan police officers, who were sitting in their vehicle. The police were forced to back away from the protesters in reverse.

A man was also filmed sitting on a fence and performing the fascist salute in front of a crowd, which thronged outside national police headquarters on Via Laietana. People waved flags and shouted, “Viva Espana!”