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27 Sep, 2017 16:40

‘Tell him France isn’t a monarchy’: Twitter mocks Macron over ‘elected king’ comment

‘Tell him France isn’t a monarchy’: Twitter mocks Macron over ‘elected king’ comment

Twitter exploded with sarcastic comments after French President Emmanuel Macron reportedly told a former political rival that “the king was elected four months ago,” apparently referring to his election victory in May.

The French leader was exchanging barbs with his former presidential rival Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who heads the left-wing La France Insoumise party.

Mélenchon, who seems to have had it in for Macron since the new president ascended to power, lashed out at his rival on Saturday.

“The battle is not over, it is only starting,” Mélenchon told the cheering crowd at a rally in Paris against Macron’s highly controversial labor reforms. 

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Delivering a warning to Macron and the president's comments that he won’t bow to pressure from the streets, Mélenchon reacted with fury.

“It is the street that defeated the kings, it is the street that defeated the Nazis...," Mélenchon said emotionally.

Apparently the "kings" comment didn’t go unnoticed in Macron’s office.

“The street may have knocked down kings, but the kings were elected four months earlier,” Macron allegedly said, Le Canard Enchaine satirical newspaper reported. The paper, which says it specializes in investigative journalism, often leaks sensational information. 

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Social media promptly saw a torrent of comments, urging Macron to remember that he is a legitimately-elected president, but not a monarch.

"Someone, please, tell him that he is not a king,” one person sarcastically wrote, while another added: “France hasn’t chosen a monarchy” and “When did Macron take a presidential monarchy.”

The flow of sarcasm continued, with Macron being dubbed the “1st King of Europe-NATO” and “Robin of Kings.”

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 “Our God-King-President Macron,” “Long live King Macron," other comments read. 

The hashtag #LaDictatureEnMarche (Dictatorship on the move) was introduced in mockery of La République En Marche! (Republic on the Move!), Macron's political party.

Mélenchon’s press office also reacted to Macron’s comments, saying that “His Majesty Macron compares himself to a King.”

“Jupiter gets ready for monarchy,” one person said, mocking Macron’s comments in July in which he vowed to follow the style of Jupiter in ruling the country, apparently referring to Jupiter as god of gods in Roman mythology.