Moment of powerful sinkhole implosion caught on camera (VIDEO)

Moment of powerful sinkhole implosion caught on camera (VIDEO)
The dramatic moment a massive sinkhole devoured part of a street in Mexico City was captured by a witness determined to get the shot despite the nearby road crumbling into oblivion.

An underground tunnel was exposed when a 10-meter-wide and 20-meter-deep sinkhole suddenly opened between Colon and Humboldt street in the city center on Thursday.

Broken water pipes gushed into the gaping hole as bystanders looked on at the wrecked street in disbelief.

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The collapse was caused by a burst water pipe which belongs to the Water System of the City of Mexico (Sacmex), according to the Civil Protection Secretary of the CDMX, Fasta Lugo.

Lugo said the relevant emergency services were deployed to the area, and surrounding business were evacuated to prevent further damage.

The burst pipe was reportedly caused by a combination of an ageing water system and the 60 cubic centimeters of rain that pummeled Mexico city Wednesday, causing serious flooding throughout the city.