Brief Twitter outages worldwide day after WhatsApp panic

Brief Twitter outages worldwide day after WhatsApp panic
Twitter users worldwide were unable to access the social media platform for around 15 minutes early Friday – which was enough to instill horror in thousands of users not knowing where to check if Twitter was really down.

The outage, although brief, was reported in multiple countries, with showing the entire world cut off from the social media except for the US. Tweets in English, Spanish, German and other languages sprang up after the network went up, with people wondering what has just happened.

On Wednesday evening, it took hours for the popular Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp to fix outages around the world. The situation sent shockwaves around social media as disconnected users had to resort to using alternative messengers, or simply freak out and panic.

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Twitter did not immediately comment on the reason of the website’s crash.

However, as some tweets suggest, what followed the May the Fourth WhatsApp outage might have been the Revenge of the Fifth.

Twitter has suffered several outages in the past. Earlier, the app used a ‘fail whale’ picture to show that the network was broken and was forced to go offline.

Twitter, an online news and social networking service, was created in 2006 and now has over 300 million active users, as of March 2017.