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1 May, 2017 13:13

Tear gas, Molotov cocktails in central Paris in clashes between police & protesters (VIDEO)

Clashes have erupted in central Paris between police and demonstrators during May Day protests in the French capital. Protesters pelted Molotov cocktails as police responded with tear gas. Several of the officers caught fire and could be seen engulfed in flames.

The violence was reportedly caused by a group of radical protesters, most of who covered their faces with black masks. The group was separate from peaceful demonstrators.

At least four police officers have been injured in the clashes, AFP reported. At least one officer suffered serious burns.

Molotov cocktails have been thrown, police said on Twitter.

Protesters have been throwing smoke grenades at police, who tried to push the crowds backwards down the road, live Ruptly footage from the scene shows.

Tear gas has been deployed by law enforcement to keep the increasingly angry crowd at bay.

Fires could be seen burning alongside the road.

There has been no information so far on any arrests made.

Glass bottles and what may have been gas canisters were thrown at the police, according to RT's reporter from the scene. 

Police have been blocking routes so the crowds can’t move away from a main road.

The clashes look set to continue, RT’s reporter said, adding that riot police have been prepared to separate two protests, and not let the crowds meet up.

On Monday, Parisians gathered in central Paris for a peaceful May Day rally.

Demonstrators from French Unions also took to the streets to protest the results of the first round of the French presidential elections, which saw independent candidate Emmanuel Macron being pitted against the right-wing Marine Le Pen in the second round due on May 7.