RT crew tear-gassed reporting on Paris protests

RT correspondent Charlotte Dubenskij and her crew were tear-gassed while reporting on the violent protests that erupted just minutes after polling stations closed at the Place de la Bastille in central Paris.

Riot police were on the scene and tear gas was deployed as protesters, many of them young people, turned up to demonstrate against the French presidential elections. Reporting from the scene, Charlotte Dubenskij got caught up in the violent commotion that followed, which saw chairs, firecrackers, bottles and other projectiles hurled at police.

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“I’m sorry if I look a little teary,” she said. “There’s a lot of tear gas that’s been let go here in the Bastille.”

Police eventually managed to kettle in the core group of protesters to not let the violence spread. More rallies, dubbed the “night of the barricades,” are expected to take place in 13 cities across France.