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8 Apr, 2017 12:03

The Stockholm truck attack suspect appeared in ‘security information’ before – police

The arrested suspect in the Stockholm truck attack comes from Uzbekistan and is 39 years old, investigators said at a press conference. He was described as “a marginal character,” previously named in “security information” but not under any recent investigation.

Officials did not provide any further information on the suspect’s identity or how he got into the country.

They neither confirmed nor dismissed reports of an explosive device found in the truck at the scene, but said that some sort of “technical device that should not be there” was uncovered from the driver’s seat. Investigators are not yet able to determine the nature of the device.

The Stockholm attack bears “clear similarities” to the March 22 Westminster attack in London, officials said at the press conference.

Officials did not comment on reports of the suspect’s alleged links to Islamic State, but stated that the investigation team is screening phones and other electronic devices in his possession to check for possible links and potential accomplices. The officials did not make any comments on the matter, but stressed that they were in an “intensive part of investigation.”

The attack might have long-term consequences as the authorities “cannot rule out that there are people who can be inspired by this,” said Jonas Hysing from Sweden’s National Tactical Council (NTR).

“The main goal of the Security Service is to prevent future attacks and to find possible accomplices,” head of the Security Service Anders Thornberg said.

"The identities of the four victims have not yet been identified," Hysing said.

Officials have confirmed the previously released casualty figures – four dead and 15 injured.

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The attack took place in Drottninggatan, one of the city’s main pedestrian areas. The truck smashed through crowds of people before crashing into a department store and catching fire.

The area affected by the attack remains cordoned off, while Swedish people and top officials come to the barricades to lay flowers and light candles, commemorating the victims.