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31 Mar, 2017 12:23

Filipino communists call for ‘armed revolution’ against ‘US imperialism’

Filipino communists call for ‘armed revolution’ against ‘US imperialism’

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) vows to continue an armed battle against US imperialists and their local supporters, just as the party is heading into peace talks with the Filipino authorities.

“The Party program reaffirms the necessity of waging armed revolution in order to counter the armed violence employed by the US imperialists and the local reactionary ruling classes and end the oppressive and exploitative semicolonial and semifeudal system,” read the communique, released on Wednesday.

It also denounced the “pseudo-democratic” regime, which led to “deteriorating socio-economic conditions of the Filipino people,” urging the Philippines communists to “be ready to sacrifice their lives if necessary in the struggle to bring about a new Philippines that is completely independent, democratic, united, just and prosperous.”

The party’s convention, held for the first time in almost five decades, coincided with the 48th anniversary of its armed wing, the New People’s Army, which is leading an insurgency against the government in one of the world’s longest-running conflicts.

On Saturday, the communists announced they would declare a unilateral ceasefire by March 31 ahead of resuming peace negotiations with the Philippines government, expecting President Rodrigo Duterte to do the same.

However, the Philippines authorities ruled that out.

“The first agenda item that we will tackle starting April 2 will be the issue of a bilateral ceasefire agreement,” Silvestre Bello, the government's chief negotiator, told reporters on Friday before flying to Oslo. The talks will be taking place in the Netherlands, with Norway mediating.