Russian strongman hauls 288-ton train in world record bid (VIDEO)

Watch Russian powerlifting champion Ivan Savkin has set a potential new world by pulling a 288-ton electric train.

It was Savkin's second attempt at the record, and he managed to pull the train for 1.1 meters.

The strongman said that the record was all the more difficult because of the cold (about -10C / 14F) and the grease that’s used on the train wheels.

The challenge took place in the village of Smolyaninovo in Russia’s Primorsky Region.

Now Savkin wants to send the video to the Guinness World Records, he told Interfax.

It’s far from the first extreme powerlifting challenge for the Russian man-mountain: in 2015 he pulled a 37-ton tank and hauled a 17.5-ton missile system.

In more recent challenges he focused on transport, pulling a 15-ton bus and five trams.