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11 Jan, 2017 07:04

RT Space 360: Celebrating New Year’s 16 times & ‘360 degrees of happiness from ISS’ (VIDEO)

RT Space 360: Celebrating New Year’s 16 times & ‘360 degrees of happiness from ISS’ (VIDEO)

Cosmonaut Andrey Borisenko shares how the spacemen at the ISS spend the holiday season up in orbit, and what they do ahead of ushering in the New Year 16 times.

First of all, there is no long holiday season up in space because there’s a lot to be done up in orbit. But this year was something special for ISS residents. International crews have different holidays, obviously: as on Earth, many of Borisenko’s colleagues celebrate Catholic Christmas, while the Russian cosmonauts stick with the traditional Russian New Year.

“Fortunately for us, this year both the Catholic Christmas and the New Year fell on the weekend, so we have enormously long holidays for us: three days for Christmas and three days for the New Year,” Borisenko says in the new 360 degree video from space.

Not that it’s a lot for us on Earth, he notes, but it gives them enough time to speak with their loved ones, take photos of Earth, or tend to their hobbies.

On Earth, we welcome in the New Year only once, and in space, it’s… 16 times! “Imagine, we’ll have 16 times to congratulate each other, wish each other luck and say all the good things!” Borisenko said.

Of course, there is another essential element to the holidays, for both Christmas and New Year’s, and the ISS crew will have it: the tree.

“It’s small, and we might not be able to decorate it the way we do on Earth, but it still creates a festive mood, which is the most important thing, isn’t it?”

Another essential is having a nice dinner, and this year it was a bit of a hassle, Borisenko says – but still, the cosmonauts managed to come up with something.

“This year, the cargo plane which was carrying New Year presents from Earth, crashed, and now the Siberian wolves or bears are perhaps treating themselves to all of it. However, we have a small supply of tasty things here: crabs, chocolate, candy, gingerbread, even black caviar.”

Borisenko also addressed people on Earth with his New Year’s wishes.

“We are all children inside and want to believe in miracles. I would like to wish you a happy New Year, and both your grown-up and kid wishes come true in the coming year. I wish you luck, happiness, love! And see you soon here at RT Space 360. Happy New Year, and 360 degrees of happiness to you!”

Space 360 is a collaborative project between RT, Roscosmos, and Energia Rocket and Space Corporation. Videos are available in six languages at the dedicated site here.