At least 25 dead, 50+ injured as twin blasts hit shopping area in Baghdad (VIDEO)

At least 25 dead, 50+ injured as twin blasts hit shopping area in Baghdad (VIDEO)
A twin blast has hit a market in Iraq’s capital, killing at least 25 people and injuring more than 50, Reuters reported, citing police and medics. One of the explosions was reportedly triggered by a suicide bomber.

The blast took place at the Sinak Market in central Baghdad’s Al-Rasheed district, a police colonel told AFP. The agency’s sources put the death toll at 18.

One of the blasts was caused by a suicide bomber and the other by a planted explosive device, an Interior Ministry official told Reuters.

Both blasts occurred in a crowded area, Kurdistan24 news reported, adding that people were already rescuing the victims of the first blast, when the second blast hit.

Security forces have cordoned off the scene, and ambulances have rushed to transport the dead and injured, Alsumaria news reported.

It is still unclear whether the blasts were the result of a suicide bomber attack or remotely detonated devices.

The Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack, Al Jazeera reported.

Islamic State often targets Baghdad because the city “is most accessible” to terrorists, Jamal Wakim, a professor of history and international relations in Beirut, told RT.

“I believe we will see more and more attacks in the future, mainly in Baghdad,” he said.

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