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New photos reveal Russian advanced T-50 fighter plane test-flying

New photos reveal Russian advanced T-50 fighter plane test-flying
New pictures of the Russian cutting-edge T-50 prototype fifth-generation fighter jet have been published on the planemaker’s official website.

The images were  by the producing Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant and apparently show a first flight of a prototype model of the T-50 (T-50-8). The plane is being developed by one of Russia’s leading aviation companies, the Sukhoi, to replace its Sukhoi Su-27 fighter currently in service. 

The respective test prototype accomplished its first flight on November 17, the BMPD blog, focusing on the defense industry, , though the information was not officially confirmed.

The fighter jet will come with advanced radar-evading stealth technology and a powerful 9-A1-4071K cannon which has a range of 1,800 meters and can fire at a rate of 1,800 rounds per minute.

The cutting-edge aircraft is coming at a cost of $50 million per aircraft, but its capabilities are thought to be worth the hefty price tag. The fighter can reach a top speed of 1,516MPH (2,440kmh) and a battle range of 3,418 miles.

Defense industry analysts have made comparisons to the American F-22 Raptor, with the National Interest giving the edge to the T-50 for its high maneuverability: its three-dimensional thrust-vector jets can tilt in any direction to help the pilot execute maneuvers.

The Russian Defense Ministry is expected to buy at least one squadron of T-50 next year, the deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov, announced in September at an international military expo outside Moscow.

"According to the plan, mass production of the PAK FA (T-50)will start in 2017. We’ll buy at least one squadron of the planes in the first batch,” Borisov said.

Another model of T-50, with some minor modifications and different components, is being developed for export to India.