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15 Dec, 2016 16:34

'Like a prostitute': 91% of French respondents say the media lies in a Twitter poll

'Like a prostitute': 91% of French respondents say the media lies in a Twitter poll

A French journalist created a stir on Twitter after launching an open poll which asks if people think the media lies. At least 91 percent of the respondents said ‘yes,’ adding that the media hides information, and even comparing journalism to prostitution.

The poll was launched by French journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin, editor-in-chief of RMC radio, earlier in December. He asked one simple question: “Does the media lie to you? Vote.”

Almost 8,000 people answered, and on Tuesday, Bourdin unveiled the final results, with 91 percent of the respondents saying, “Yes, the media lies to us.”

“Media are partisan and distribute biased information,” one person wrote under Bourdin’s post.

“Media lie to us regularly but over time we learned to sort out truth and falsehood,” another person said.

People accused the media of manipulating the opinions of the public and spinning the news.

“The media no longer have an information role but [a role of] opinion makers,” added one more person.

Some were even more outspoken than that.

“Journalist at the scene is like a prostitute at her place of work,” one wrote.

“Take off your pantaloons, you will be journalists at TF1, BFMTV, iTELE, Canal+,” another said, with a somewhat explicit visual accompanying the comment.

Of course, Bourdin, being a journalist, was no better in the public eye.

“You are the first to lie,”“Bournin is not an exception,” angry people wrote.

The good news is that one media outlet can be trusted after all, and it's RT! Well… at least according to one of the respondents.

“Here is the truth,” the person wrote, adding a link to an RT YouTube video picturing a Canadian journalist who has recently made headlines after blasting MSM Syria coverage at the UN.

58% say Assad should stay in power – Figaro poll

At least 58 percent of respondents in a poll by the French paper Le Figaro said that Syrian President Bashar Assad should stay in power.

The Wednesday poll asked: “Would you like Bashar Assad to remain in the lead of Syria?”

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About 90,000 people took part in the survey.

The fate of Assad remains a stumbling block for international peace talks on Syria. The US and its allies, including Saudi Arabia, repeatedly say the Syrian president, whose term expires in 2021, must resign as a precondition for any settlement.