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15 Nov, 2016 20:59

'Nothing but a blanket in the street': People in West Aleppo run from shelters shelled by militants

As government-held Western Aleppo in Syria continues to suffer constant attacks from rebel-occupied parts of the city, some people are forced to flee even refugee centers and sleep in the street, scared of constant shelling.

With the Syrian Army and Russia having suspended air strikes in and near Aleppo almost a month ago, militants have stepped up their drive to push back President Assad's forces. Some of the people who fled their homes years ago are now fleeing even the refugee shelters amid the terrorists' attacks.

"The shells started raining down on us. The windows at the school were shattered, my children were injured. We ran away, and now we’re here," a woman who now lives in the streets of Aleppo told RT's Murad Gazdiev.

There are scores of locals who have been displaced amid a worsening humanitarian crisis, the journalist reported, saying that hundreds of people are sleeping in the streets, out in the cold, with no food or shelter.

"[My children] haven’t eaten for two days. Yesterday, my daughter was throwing up. The day before my son. It’s very cold. The children are freezing. I don't have any more clothes for them. I have nothing apart from this blanket," another woman told RT crew.

Many of the people now living in the streets ran from Al-Hamdaniya and New Aleppo districts that are under daily attacks by rebels. Schools and community buildings in the city are already packed with desperate locals.

"My children often fall asleep hungry. Where do we get food? The locals say they don’t have enough for themselves," a man in the street said, adding that humanitarian agencies "only deliver food to the designated shelters."  

"Which we fled because they were shelled," he said.